Beer Me Up!

Without any restrictions by our University we can finally write about what ever we like so we decided to spice it up a bit! Think about what else is important at the dinner table besides a cheap meal? Alcohol. And being cheap asses we want that as cheap as possible of course!

If you want to know where to get the cheapest beer in town…
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Tip of the week: Rice Cooker

Tired of burning or messing up your rice ?? Us too so here is the solution:

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And the cheapest supermarket is…

The cheapest recipe doesn’t help if your local Supermarket sells everything for 50 cents more than they should. Therefore throughout this week the STUFOOD team has been running through town to find out the price differences between the 8 major Supermarket Chains in Rotterdam. 

Let’s get right to it this is an overview of our total PRICE-RANKING:

Rating of Supermarkets in Rotterdam, 2012. Winner Bas van der Heijden

As you can see our Winner is: BAS van der Heijden!

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Supermarkets in Rotterdam

This is a map of the biggest Supermarket Chains in Rotterdam

View stufood Supermarkets Rotterdam in a larger map

by daniel

5 saving tips when grocery shopping.

Just because we can’t live without grocery shopping while it’s a hell of a money spending duty.

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Discounts & Kortings

In our previous article on how to effectively go grocery shopping one of the tips was to always check out the special discounts of the week to determine what supermarket to go to for your timely needs. Here are some links that will lead you to the weekly offers of the biggest supermarkets around:

Just click on the logo to get to the website

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