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Cheap Chinese: *dailywok

Do you want to eat Asian but are not willing to pay horrendous prices for all-you-can eat menus? Check out *dailywok

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De Kip Gallery

Quick & Healthy

In for a simple, tasty, but healthy and fresh meal from the grill? ‘De Kip Gallery’ (The Chicken Gallery) is a (take-away) restaurant where you can compose and customize your meal in 3 steps for €7,00 to €12,00:

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Happy Italy

The Fast Italian
@ Blaak, Rotterdam

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Warung Mini

Surinam Specials all night long
@ Rotterdam

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Dunya Lokanta

A very exotic place to impress the loved ones.
@ Rotterdam

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Cheap Student Food #2 – De Lekkerste

Following up the high demand for alternative catering at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam, this week’s feature is a small family led Snack cart in the north-east of the campus. (exit towards the Metro Station Kralingse Zoom)

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Little Italy in Rotterdam

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by isabella


Vapiano is an Italian self service restaurant where your meal is prepared right in front of you in the open kitchen. You can compose your own pasta or order a pizza for a price varying from €6,00 to 9,00. Vapiano is open every day from 10 am to midnight (and to 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays) so you can walk in any time for a fresh Italian meal!

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Cheap Student Food #1- Erasmus Sports Café

The catering situation on the EUR campus @ Rotterdam is not satisfactory at all. To be plain: It sucks! Almost all food outlets on campus are supplied by the Caterer ‘Albron’, which therefore holds the monopoly over price and quality of food. The sandwiches taste like cardboard and cost up to 3,20€ ! One! Slice of cheese for 0,60€! The demand is clear: More reasonable pricing considering that the market is students (without money-trees). The sincerity of this problem can be illustrated by the recent facebook movement ‘Occupy Albron’ with more than 1500 likes.

But not all hope is lost. There are places that offer good food & low prices! This weeks Alternative to Albron:

The Erasmus Sports Café

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Villa Kakelbont in Rotterdam

going out to dinner cheap!

When speaking about ‘Villa Kakelbont’ most Dutch people will immediately think of Pipi Longstocking. ‘Villa Kakelbont’ is the house where this famous fictional Swedish girl lives along with her horse and monkey. However, after reading this article you will know that ‘Villa Kakelbont’ is more than just a fictional house, it’s also a cheap and student-friendly restaurant in Rotterdam where they offer quite good food!

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