HEY we want some PIZZA!

Enough with the frozen bread that supermarkets call pizza. It’s time to become healthy and the king of the next PIZZA PARTY.

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AVIKO - Little time to eat? Try this!

Spaghetti peppered Sausage

An easy & funny (besides cheap) recipe!

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Chili Con Carne

15min / 1,50€ p.p.

Do you know that feeling that you want to eat something (somewhat) healthy when you don’t feel like cooking? Then this is the recipe for you: chili con carne (aka beans with meat)!

Do feel like cooking? Mix it up with various fresh vegetables to add more healthy colors to your dish!

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5-MINUTE chunky monkey (HEALTHY) ice cream

In love with Ben & Jerry ice creams? Perhaps Chunky monkey is one of your favourite’s!? Well then I would love to share with you this easy, cheap, and yummy recipe of Chunkey Monkey Ice Cream! It is not only cheap and yummy, but it is also way healthier! So go try out your own homemade delicious Ben & Jerry Ice cream now!!

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Brigadeiros. A testy chocolate dessert!

A typical Brazilian dessert; usually eaten at birthday parties. It’s easy to make and delicious!

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Short Bread in Short Time

20min; 1,50€

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Easy, cheap, and, most of all, tasty: Chicken Tonight

15min; 1€ p.p.

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The 0,50€ meal

max 5min; max 0,50€.

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Cheap and easy recipe: Arroz con atún (Rice with Tuna)


20min; 3,00€

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