AVIKO - Little time to eat? Try this!

It happens to us all sometimes that we have so much to do we have barely time to eat. When this is the case, a meal that is ready-made can be a good solution. In the supermarket can be found plenty of ready-made meals, but from my own experience I would like to recommend one.

You should really try the AVIKO meals. You can find them in three different types, the ‘Griekse Aardappelschotel’ (Greek Potato Dish), ‘Hollandse Aardappelschotel’ (Dutch Potato Dish) and the ‘Zwitserse Aardappelschotel’ (Swiss Potato Dish). Take a pan, add some butter and the AVIKO meal and let it fry for 10 to 15 minutes while stirring. Then you will have a meal that is delicious, quick, easy and cheap (around 2 euro’s). 


by maaike