Tip of the week: Rice Cooker

Tired of burning or messing up your rice ?? Us too so here is the solution:

Your rice always evenly perfect, as long as you stick to 1,5 water to 1 rice!


It’s an essential device for the Surinam kitchen: the rice cooker. The Surinam culture is known for her rice recipe’s. Rice literally goes with every dish, even soup! To avoid that sticky or hard rice when you cook your rice just a little bit too short or too long, or because you add too many or too little water to it, can all easily be avoided by investing in the rice cooker. With this devise your rice is always perfect if you add 1,5 cup water to every cup of rice.

For only 20 euros you’ll have your own medium size rice cooker. The medium rice cooker always comes in very handy, even when you have up to 6-8 guests for dinner (depending on their appetite of course). The rice cooker manual is very easy: add the water, add the rice, put the lid back on the cooker and push the cook-button down. When, after about 10 minutes, the cook-button pops up, your perfect rice is done!


While the rice is cooking you can easily finish up the other half of your dish by focusing on that recipe. Easy and cheap rice-recipes? Look for the Arroz con atun-, the Chicken Tonight- and the Chili con Carne-dish on this website!


On the 1e Middellandstraat 89-b in Rotterdam (near Kruisplein)there’s a little shop that is specialized in rice cookers. A lot of choice for this handy cooking device!

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