Our Mission: Make Life cheaper, Easier and healthier!

Our goal is to provide you with information to get through the hard life of a student in Rotterdam. Providing you with a variety of cheap recipes cheap restaurants and fast food joints around university and the city we hope to make your life easier and more affordable -> So you can buy that one book you couldn’t; or that one beer you wouldn’t.

And this is who we are: 6 IBCoM Students (International Media & Communication) @ Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

daniel, milou, renate, isabella, maaike & tiemy

Contact us through Facebook or @ bluesphere.nl@gmail.com !

The rating system

For recipes:

Every clock stands for 5 min. cooking & preparation time. So the picture above would indicate a 10min cooking & preparation time. 

Every Euro coin stands for 1,00€ costs. So this rating would mean that the dinner would cost 5,00€ or more.

For Restaurant Reviews:

The stars are an indicator for atmosphere and ambiance of the restaurant. A 1 star rating would mean no seating possibilities (Fast Food) A 5 star rating would mean a great place to show off to to your parents or the date you wanted to get with.

The Euro coins stand for 2,00€ cost. So this Rating means that a normal dinner including a main dish and a drink would cost 4,00€